Rafael Hoekstra, PhD

Product Strategy

I build digital products, with a specialty in Web3.
Examples of my work below speak for themselves. In them, I've held roles of Founder, Product Manager, & Strategic Advisor.
Please get in touch if I can help to grow your idea or business into its next evolution with:

  • Product Strategy & Management from concept to delivery

  • Communicating your product/company value specifically and exquisitely

  • Business Advisory to expand revenue streams

Web3 Packs

Enter Web3 within 3 seconds (under development)One-stop solution to effortlessly onboard users into Web3, crypto, DeFi, and NFTs.

Web3 Leads

Contact Funded Web3 Companies (Acquired)A monthly curated list of Web3 companies that recently raised capital. These are companies that need agency services now, and have money burning a hole in their pockets.Includes full company details and decision-maker contact information (Email, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Dynamic Drops

Dynamic Drops is a web app offering dynamic pricing for NFT collections.
"When minting is slow, prices go low; when minting's on fire, prices go higher"
Designed for large token sales, it solves the problems of:
- Not selling out NFT sales
- Underpricing or overpricing of collections
- Requiring gimmicks like "Whitelists" to contrive scarcity
(built during ETHGlobal Buildquest Hackathon)


UNODE (under development)
Privacy-first blockchain node infrastructure


Charged Particles allows NFTs to "own" tokens inside of themselves.
In seeking product/market fit, we developed a suite of "Capsules" including:
- Vesting Capsules
- DAO Capsules
- Escrow Capsules


Unification offers rapidly deployable blockchain tools to enterprises.
Product Strategy, Website Re-conception, Smart City Product initative
- Explored blockchain use cases in education, government, healthcare, & central banking.
- Coordinated with clients, executive team, & developers to design tailored software products.
- Instigated and pitched the Smart Cities product to offer blockchain solutions for data-rich cities.

Holdem Heroes

Holdem Heroes is the first on-chain NFT Poker game.
I explore the multiple innovations layers in detail here. Holdem Heroes is:
- "Unruggable" as both the NFTs & the poker game are 100% on-chain
- Truly random in minting & gameplay with VOR
- Minting is with dynamic pricing using Dynamic Drops
- NFTs with actual utility & objective value

Productized Courses

Produced digital courses covering Instagram, Art Technique, TikTok, and NFTs.
Transformed the talent of specialized art & social media experts into highly scaleable, productized, and profitable courses. Expanded product suites to double revenue streams.
- Insights For Artists
- TikTok for Artists
- Portrait Drawing
- NFT Bootcamp
- Master the Essentials of Pen and Ink Shading


Decentralized chemical sensing technologies
Researched, developed, presented, and published on state-of-the-art decentralized chemical sensing technologies, integrated mobile/IOT connectivity. Collaborations with Universitat Rovira i Virgili and Dublin City University. Doctoral thesis.
- Prototyped and patented an embedded hydration tracking system
- Patented a single-cell potentiometric sensor design
- R & D of a Wearable hydration-monitoring patch


Personalized Email Outreach on Autopilot
- Turn a LinkedIn search into automated daily personalized emails!
- Product built with NoCode tooling in 24 hours
- Meta marketing launch strategy--the product was launched to market itself